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Castle Pension Scheme update - March 2017

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Scheme Information

The Castle Pension Scheme is governed by a Trust Deed and Rules as amended from time to time. The provisions of the Scheme are summarised in a Member Guide which is issued to all members when they join the Scheme and updated from time to time. If there is a conflict between the Member Guide and the Trust Deed and Rules, the Trust Deed and Rules prevail.

April 2013 SPS Member Letter

December 2014 CPS MND Cover Letter

December 2014 CPS MND Announcement

2013 CPS Summary Funding Statement

A death benefit lump sum may be payable following your death. Completing a nomination form allows you to tell the Trustee(s) of the Scheme how you would like any lump sum death benefit to be distributed. The Trustee(s) will take account of your form, but are not bound by any nomination. Your nomination form should be updated to reflect changes to your current circumstances, for example, if you marry, divorce or have children.


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Future pension online projections available now

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